Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy and Safe HOLI

Happy and Safe HOLI with Organic Colors!!!

Holi is the festival of freedom from social norms. It knows no bars, no color, no creed. Everybody feels it is his right to enjoy. Songs, dance, drinks & food everything goes in excess. It can be said, Life turns Colorful when it is time for Holi. It is not just children, but the young and the old alike who take delight in this joyous festival of colors and demand every color in loads. Whatever be the choice of color, nobody remains in his original texture. Faces smeared with color look adorable at the end of the play. Really, the other name of the festival is FUN.

Are you aware of the Harmful Effects of Synthetic Colors?

* Synthetic colors are a cause of many health hazards. Desire of darker and more long-lasting colors led us to the use of these skin-unfriendly colors.
* Oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil are often used in such colors and can lead to a number of skin-diseases and are harmful for our eyes.
* Synthetic colors are particularly harmful for skin and can produce any kind of skin rash, itching and pimples i.e. allergic reaction.
* The Red color comes from mercury sulphate, Green from copper sulphate, Silver from aluminium bromide and Black from lead oxide which are really harmful for us.
* These dangerous side effects of Synthetic colors can make the festival of colors colorless rather than colorful.

Are you aware of the Health Benefits of Organic Herbal Gulal?

* Use of Gulals and colors in Holi is not just for mythological reasons but for its health benefits known to ancient physicians.
* At the commencement of spring when Holi is celebrated, the change of weather brings with it germs of diseases and playful throwing of colors made of medicinal herbs like Tulsi, Turmeric(Haldi), Neem etc. keep the germs under control.
* It is inherent medicinal properties of concerned herbs which provide these health benefits along with many more.
* They protect our skin from harmful micro-organisms without any harmful effect and provide other health benefits too.
* They are non-irritant and do not produce any kind of skin rash, itching and pimples.
* Improve skin texture
* Relieve inflammation
* Improve healing of wounds